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Heavy Duty Fogger

We deal with the manufacture of heavy duty foggers having peculiar specifications and designed for larger areas. This fogger has a larger output and is environment-friendly and reduces dripping losses and contamination to the surroundings. Equipped with a solid start, the fogger has a fuel tank capacity of 1.5ltrs. The empty fogger weighs 10.0 kg, and average fuel consumption is approximately 1.4-1.5 ltrs.
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Vinit Engineering Co.
Standard Accessories
S.No. Technical Specifications SH-1ES
1) Type Portable Thermal Fogger with Pulse Jet Engine
2) Engine Output (Approx.) 17.5 Kw
3) Ignition Electronic Solid State (Input 6.0 Volts DC)
4) Starting Manual Hand Pump
5) Fue Tank Capacity (Petrol, without Oil) 1.5 Litre
6) Average Fuel Consumption (Approx.) 1.4-1.5 Ltr/Hr.
7) Solution tank Capacity 7.0 Litre
8) Maximum out put (Depending in Nozzle) 25-30 Ltr/Hr
9) Empty Weight 10.0 Kg
10) Practice Size 02 to 25 Microns Oil Based Solutions
11) Length x Breadth x Height (Cms) 125 x 35 x 38
Vinit Engineering Co.
Vinit Engineering Co. Vinit Engineering Co. Vinit Engineering Co.
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Model Black Stone SH-1ESP

Black Stone fogging Machine High performance fog generators for the efficient Combafing of insects, pests, fungus, diseases, viruses and bacteria. Plant protection in green houses and plantations (Vegetables, Grapes, Mangos, Cotton, Pulse etc.). Stock protection in silos, store rooms and production plants (food and agriculture products, textiles). Health and hygiene in the human area and in animal keeping{vectorand Anti Malaria operation communicable disease control, pest control) Disinfection (food production, human atea. animal keeping)
Vinit Engineering Co. Vinit Engineering Co. Vinit Engineering Co.
Vinit Engineering Co.

Light Duty Fogger
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The thermo-pneuniatically produced fog guarantees highest efficiency and excellent penetration. With a minimum quantity of chemical preparations, an optimal effect and coverage is achieved, in comparison with conventional method. Black Stone fogging equipment achieves appro*. 90% labour saving when treating spaces and larger areas. The Black Stone technique provides a valuable contribution to the protection the environment. By means of various nozzles either fhe ULV- (Ultra Low Volume) or the LV - Low Volume, Application can be employed. .

Working Principles
Black Stone fog generators are petrol driven and work according to ihe princip pulse jet. Petrol air mixture is ignited in the combustion chamber and the deflagrations oscillate a column of gas in the resonator pipe at about 90 times per second. At the end of the resonator fogging solution is injected in the air stream emerging at high velocity an is dispersed into finest aerosol droplets and are distributed into a lightly suspending fog Chemical solution and are conveyed by a small over pressure in the tanks. The system has no mechanical moving parts therefore no wear and tear. Electric energy is merely consumed at the start and is supplied by Dry cells.

The Technique
The Black Stone are our light portable fog generators, Every machine is supplied with comprehensive standard accessories and there is a variety of optional accessories available. The power of the combustion chamber of more than 20 HP makes it possible to apply oil based as well as water \ based chemicals in anequivalent droplet spectrum.


Technical Specifications Specifications
Empty Weight ( Approx.) 8.5 K.G.
Weight with Insecticide 14.0 Kgs.
Length 115 Cm.
Width 28 Cm.
Height 36 Cm.
Capacity of Chemical Tank 5.0 Ltr
Solution Output 0-25 Ltrs. per/hr
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.5 Ltr
Fuel Consumptioi 1.2-1.4Ltrper/Hr
Engine pulse - jet type having an output of 17.5 Kw (23.5 Hp)
fuel Petrol (No Oil)
Resonator Material High Grade Stainless Steel

Standard Accessories
Spanner set 2 Nos.
Funnels 2 Nos.
Spare washers kit 1 Nos.
Wire brush 1 Nos.
Operator protection devices 1 Nos.

Kingfog, Maletheon, Nuvan, Pyrethrum Chloropyriphos, Neem Formulations Etc.
Vinit Engineering Co.
Vinit Engineering Co. Vinit Engineering Co. Vinit Engineering Co.
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